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Since 1944, Brault & Bouthillier has contributed to the learning and global development of children by providing a fun and educational collection of quality products and by offering training and consulting services to educators and parents who wish to see children achieve their full potential. Our experienced team of specialists and representatives and our customer service team attend to the entire country with sales offices in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes.

Brault & Bouthillier is:

An exceptional range of products, carefully selected and tested by our specialists, to ensure that they meet all aspects of quality, safety and relevance to the different educational programs in Canada.

  • Special Needs
  • Educational and curriculum-based games
  • Arts & crafts and creative material
  • Science, technology and robotics toys and games
  • Furniture and layout
  • Motor skills and physical education equipment
  • Teaching support material for math and French
  • School supplies Homework assistance material
  • Learning disability aids
  • Turnkey solutions for setting up new day-care centres