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Hello, I introduce myself: prof B²!

I am the virtual ally of Brault & Bouthillier's specialists. Together we are working to provide products and tools designed to promote and support youth development.

Follow me through our catalogs, I will be your accomplice in educational products.

I will intervene within the pages of these catalogs in different ways ... with text boxes and pictograms.

Here are some example : coups de coeur du prof B² or conseils du prof B²

Learn through play 2015 catalog in .pdf format

Learn through play 2015

Brault & Bouthillier Education's sales team is at the forefront of all Ministère de l’Éducation et Enseignement Supérieur curriculum changes and provides a wide range of services to school boards and schools:

  • Comprehensive pre-sales consultation for educational consultants and teachers
  • Introduction of new products
  • Participation in all major conventions
  • Workshops jointly organized with Brault & Bouthillier Education specialists
  • Regional exhibition installations in various curricular disciplines
Mathematics, Science & Technology catalog

Mathematics, Science & Technology 2017-2018

Drawn to share the bulk of which was extracted from the academic catalog, the catalog Science and Technology 2015 is to better meet the specific needs of teachers of science and technology.

Find Bee-Bot, Dash & Dot, Cubelets, WeDo 2.0, EV3, Tetrix and our promotional packages and exclusive B&B in a single sheet.

Art and school supplies catalog

Art and school supplies 2017-2018

Arts, creative leisure and school supplies