Since 1944, Brault & Bouthillier has contributed to the learning and global development of children by providing a fun and educational collection of quality products and by offering training and consulting services to educators and parents who wish to see children achieve their full potential. Our experienced team of specialists and representatives and our customer service team attend to the entire country with sales offices in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes.



BB Education, is :

An exceptional range of products, carefully selected and tested by our specialists, to ensure that they meet all aspects of quality, safety and relevance to the different educational programs in Canada.

Jeux et jouets éducatifs
  • Educational and curriculum-based games
  • Arts & crafts and creative material
  • Science, technology, robotics, toys and games
  • Furniture and layout planning
  • Motor skills and physical education equipment
  • Teaching support material for math and French
  • School supplies
  • Homework assistance material
  • Tools to help those with learning disabilities
  • Turnkey solutions for setting up new classrom, daycare, sensory room or a flexible layout

A team of specialists, experienced sales representatives and a customer service team that serve the entire country with sales offices in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes.

Boutique Brault & Bouthillier

  • One store located on Beaumont Avenue, in Montreal.
  • One store in Longueuil on the outskirts of Boucherville, located near Highway 20.
  • 100 employees who are all committed to offering you the best service possible.
  • 150 personalized training sessions offered each year to early childhood educators, teachers and other education professionals.
  • 10,000 products, carefully selected from around the world and tested by our specialists to ensure they meet our high safety and quality standards.

Offering customized training for professionals in education or the general public, which is available equally in and outside of our shop located on Beaumont Avenue.

Formations personnalisées
  • Training organization accredited by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail under the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition.
  • Training sessions designed to introduce new products (toys, games, arts & crafts material) and suggest their use in school settings.
  • A wide range of robotic training sessions: from introduction to new users to specialized training and support for teachers and the general public.
  • Arts & crafts workshops designed for hands-on experience on a variety of new products and techniques. For education professionals and the general public.

BB Education, together to learn, create, play!



1944 Gabriel Bouthillier and Pierre Brault Sr. found Brault & Bouthillier!

1964 The first catalog! Now an indispensable work tool for all educators!

1966 B & B is at the forefront of the development of the first public kindergartens with its offer of teaching materials.

1967 Visionary! The arts are booming: B&B turns a new leaf and multiplies its product offering!

1978 Well rooted, B&B opens its large boutique; an educational hub for the community of teachers, educators and specialists.

1979 B&B innovates once again by offering training to teachers; a first in Quebec.

1985 The computer era! B&B distributes what is then called “the first programmable experimentation sets”. Wow!

1991 Extends its offer to the general public and acquires Jocus, a must-have of educational toys in Quebec.

1993 An expertise that’s growing: Opening of a modern showroom in the suburbs of Toronto.

1997 The kindergarten-5 year olds become full-time; B&B plays an important role in opening more than 1,500 classes in Quebec.

1999 Arrival of subsidized spaces in daycares and CPEs: B&B launches its “early years” collection, further aligning itself with the principal needs of the Quebec educational methods.

2002 Resurgence of science and technology education at elementary level: B&B takes the lead and offers adapted scientific pedagogical material.

2013 bb.ca the website becomes transactional!

2015 Head of the class in the kindergarten-4 year olds project in Quebec!

2018 B&B inaugurates its Makerspace: When art and technology meet!

2019 B&B is happy to celebrate it 75 years of service in the educational world with you!

2020 Opening of a new store in Longueuil