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Brault & Bouthillier is a training organisation accredited by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail under the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition.

Brault & Bouthillier is proud to offer a wide range of workshops and training sessions to meet the various needs of teaching professionals. From early childhood play materials to creative arts techniques, to educational robotics, our training catalogue is designed to serve a diverse client base.

Several options are available. Red Carpet Days, school-based training or a full-day training session open to all. The goal is always the same: making quality expertise available to educators. We invite you to contact your representative to discuss your specific needs.

Red Carpet Days

These full-day events are adapted to the needs of teachers and educators. The workshops offer a simple way to learn, refresh your skills and meet other professionals working in the same field. The contents of each workshop are tailored to the needs of the participants.

Creative Arts

Created and taught by an arts specialist, our workshops offer participants a space that encourages exploration, discovery and exchanges. One workshop generally gives you the opportunity to experiment with three techniques. The participants get to keep their creations. Here are a few examples of techniques used: Painting with marbles, creating in the ways of…, 3D illusion, etc.

Creative leisure

Taught by a specialist, these workshops present activities and projects themed around the different holidays throughout the year. Based on hands-on, practical manipulations, they allow participants to create a project following the instructor’s explanations. The notions learned can then easily be transferred to a group of children. Musical instruments, decorative frames, giant puppets, etc., we offer a variety of projects to create.

Games and Educational Material: School Day-care/Preschool

These workshops on educational materials offer the exploration of varied play materials, adapted to the needs of the target clientele. A typical workshop offers an explanation of some 50 products divided into different categories. A list is provided to participants to help them make informed choices that truly meet their needs.

Special needs/Encourage self-regulation in children with learning disabilities: For educators of school-aged children

A child with good self-regulation skills adapts more easily to external and internal stressors and demonstrates a better willingness to learn and perform tasks, and increased autonomy and self-control. To help develop this capacity, discover strategies and aids for soothing, as well as organizational and planning tools designed to help children with learning disabilities.

Science and Technology

Teachers learn how computational logic helps develop skills. To support them, we propose innovative and accessible educational projects based on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) approach. These projects are also designed to be realized in a Makerspace. Participants learn coding for the youth with the Bee-Bot bees or use more advanced robots such as the friendly Dash or the LEGO education range of products. Educational robotics will have (almost) no more secrets for participants. Our workshops aim to put teachers in a position of confidence so that they can contribute to the development of students' skills and make them more active in the search for solutions. To register for our training courses in educational robotics, visit our Robotics Training page.


Students and teachers are invited to create projects in our Makerspace. They have to find creative solutions using the resources at their disposal. They experience a place of sharing and exchange to try, make mistakes, start over and succeed together. The Makerspace training allows for a better understanding of this philosophy and to experiment with it. Each workshop is adapted to the needs of the participants. We not only share tools, but knowledge and experiences as well.

Other Training

Flexible Setting

More than just a different way to arrange furniture, Flexible Setting is a veritable pedagogical approach. Offered by an educator and pedagogical advisor who has lived the experience, based on evidence-based practices, the training addresses the positive impacts of flexible setting on learning, the choice of materials to be provided based on ergonomics, the tasks required, the educational intent and general school standards. Reflecting on the learning environment, this dynamic training allows participants to see and try different products and is also a moment of exchange for educators.


To register for our workshops, contact your representative or write to us at [email protected].