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Time Timer™, a proven tool to help with self-regulation

August 15, 2018 | Brigitte Carrier

Discover the Time Timer™!

The Time Timer™ is an extraordinary tool to “see” time and learn how to manage it, without having to know how to read time. At home, it can be used to establish a ritual and allow the child to master the notion of time for homework or bedtime, or to limit the time spent in front of a screen. Being a very visible tool, it is also practical in many ways in a classroom; during workshop periods, when you have to make something within a given timeframe for example. Each person becomes their own “time master”!

A recent study conducted by the Department of Exceptional Student Education at the Florida Atlantic University revealed an important increase in self-regulation capabilities in children aged 2 to 4 years old when the Time Timer was used during an activity. Children, who were likely to experience developmental delays, were observed while doing individual or typical group activities such as reading illustrated books or playing games with blocks. When a Time Timer was used, the precision and engagement of each child increased considerably.

A timer that is easy to use, a child quickly learns how to use it on his own with precision and becomes more independent. Furthermore, the study mentioned previously states that the independence they develop seems to stay and children continue to use the Time Timer to manage their time.

The Time Timer comes in many formats such as pocket, table, mural or magnetic, as a watch bracelet or as software and also comes in different time periods (in minutes): 0 to 20 (Turquoise disc), 0 to 60 (Red disc), 0 to 90 (ACL disc) and 0 to 120 (Navy Blue disc)

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