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Managing stress during a pandemic

April 17, 2021 | Succès Scolaire, in collaboration with Brault & Bouthillier

The COVID-19 pandemic has dragged on for more than a year, causing stress and anxiety in children despite their strength and resilience.

La gestion du stress en temps de pandémie

Managing stress during a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has dragged on for more than a year, causing stress and anxiety in children despite their strength and resilience.

Here are a few tips and games to help mitigate the impact of these stressful times on your family. There will be sunny days ahead, and we must stay optimistic, creative and full of hope for the future!

How to detect stress in children

It can be hard to identify stress and anxiety in kids. Your child may have trouble expressing their feelings and putting words to them. And while parents have many superpowers, reading minds isn’t one of them! Here are two tools to help you assess your child’s behaviour and recognize signs of distress.

• 1. COVID-19 : comment prendre soin de mon enfant?, CERDA, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, April 2020 [in French]

• 2. CORONAVIRUS DISEASE (COVID-19). My child is worried about the pandemic. What can I do to provide support? Publication by Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSSQ).

6 key ways to support your children:

• Listen carefully, start a conversation

• Explain the COVID-19 situation and talk about it together

• Avoid transferring your fears onto your children

• Protect their mental health and tame their anxiety

• Do something together

• Provide lots of reassurance!

Turn to play!

A great way to reassure your children is to be present, to listen, and to have some fun together. Playing with your kids is therapeutic for everyone. Why not take this opportunity to try something new? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Try an anti-stress ball to kick bad vibes to the curb

Balle anti-stress


Knead this super ball with both hands. May contribute to relieving tensions.

Age : 5 + | 2034403


2. Help them explore their creativity and imagination

Spirogiro mandala


Simply turn the various gears inside the central board while you draw, to create beautiful designs.

Age : 6 + | 2071561


3. Introduce them to new skills and help them discover a new passion

Trousse électricité


Complete discovery set of elementary electric components, perfect to develop a new passion

Age : 8 + | 2339000


4. Teach them how they make a difference and become a responsible citizen of the world

Récupération et compostage


In a box divided into 5 compartments featuring an upper slot and identified by a picture, a word (in 3 languages), and a recycling logo, children insert the 30 matching picture cards and retrieve them by lifting the front panels.

3 ans + | 2310639


5. Foster their curiosity and obervation skills

Germoir transparent


Great for the observation of growing plants, both from above and beneath the soil.

3 ans + | 2330637


6. Explore new games, activitiies, podcasts, stories and books online [in French]

In short, be present and attentive... and remember that having a good laugh together can do a world of good!

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