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12 perfect game and gift ideas tested by the Vie de Parents family

November 16, 2021 | By Vie de Parents

You know the Vie de Parents family, always ready to test games, activities and gifts that will please little ones, older children and even adults.

12 perfect game and gift ideas

You know the Vie de Parents family, always ready to test games, activities and gifts that will please little ones, older children and even adults. We worked with the Brault & Bouthillier team to find you the perfect gift ideas for birthdays and other holidays, Christmas… In short, for any occasion to celebrate.

Also, for more than 18 months, we have been going through a turbulent period, which we all want to see behind us. What if we prioritized the local economy and purchased from Quebec companies? Brault & Bouthillier, in business since 1944, offers you excellent service in store and online thanks to an amazing team of advisors who can answer your questions and guide you in your purchases.

Here are Vie de Parent’s favourites

Idea 1: Honeycombs

Connect the tiles by associating the identical symbols. 3 variants whose speed and competitiveness evolve. Age: 7 +. 1 to 8 players.

Perfect game for a rainy afternoon, a snow storm or during the holidays. Easy to carry, it takes up very little space. We say for ages 7 and up, but younger children can surely enjoy it as well, with a little help from siblings or parents.

Related skills: Fine motor skills, logical reasoning, social, observation

2097749 | $24.95

Idea 2: Au loup! (card game available in French only)

Card game that consists of collecting all the animals illustrated on ones house card before the wolf arrives.

The Vie de Parents family is a MAJOR FAN of this type of game, It’s always a home run! A cooperative game is always a winner. It’s a game that is easy to learn and enjoyable for children with little patience or a limited attention span.

Related skills: Social, memory, observation, concentration

2178598 | 13,47$

Idea 3: Magneti’book

Pretty box shaped like a book, containing various thematic magnet shapes and whose lid is a magnetic slant board. It is a simple and pleasant way to have fun while working fine motor skills and dexterity. Play with your little ones and give them creative challenges to add complexity or just let them have fun creating and imagining.

We like the box/book format that can be easily transported. Perfect for car trips, relaxing before bedtime or for any game time. For ages 3 and up. Several categories or themes (Dinosaurs, space, fairy tales, mix n’ match, etc.)

Related skills: Fine motor skills, observation, concentration, spacetime


Idea 4: Go Pop! Colorio

Calming tactile toy which doubles as a simple, clever logic game for 2 players. By playing solo, we aim for appeasement, logic and visual perception following the «Pop-it» trend. By playing in duo, we have the same objectives while adding the competition factor. Includes 1 activity/challenge booklet with game rules.

We love that it is simple, small, easy to carry and useful in several situations: stress, anxiety, waiting, relaxation. This is a great idea for children who are anxious or stressed or who need some time alone to encourage concentration or a return to calm. For ages 3 and up.

Related skills: Sensory, fine motor skills, logical reasoning, spacetime

2139632 | $15.55


In our family, LEGO is a PASSION. Each of our children have a few shelves in their room showing their latest LEGO creations. It’s their “museum”. The pride associated with creation, patience and construction work is very positive, and exhibiting works contributes to this. We often look for gift or surprise ideas to encourage good behavior, birthdays or end-of-year gifts. LEGO is always a good option for children and… parents. Tip: keep the plans even if the creations are finished. If a break, accident occurs, you can refer to them to repair it.

Idea 5.1: Lego® Minecraft™ The Crafting Box 3.0

Enter the fun and exciting world of Minecraft in the real world with this assortment of LEGO building parts and bricks. A perfect LEGO to do with family, brothers and sisters or as a solo project for ages 8 and up. (564 pieces)

Related skills: Fine motor skills, concentration, spacetime, creativity

2479251 | $99.95

Idea 5.2: LEGO® City - Fire Station

Build the big fire station! Includes an all-terrain sound and light brick, a personal watercraft, some miniatures and other parts. How better to delight the little ones than with this set? Beautiful Christmas gift idea for hours of fun (and tranquility!). For ages 4 and up. (509 pieces).

Related skills: Fine motor skills, concentration, spacetime, creativity

2477057 | $89.95

Idea 5.3: LEGO® Marvel - Thor Mech Armor

As a stocking stuffer, a small surprise gift or activity after a long drive, It is always relevant! 139 pieces to complete this LEGO.

Related skills: Fine motor skills, concentration, spacetime, creativity

2482172 | $13.95

Idea 5.4: LEGO® Creator - Space Mining Mech

Create and play the action scenes with this 3 in 1 set. We love the idea of buying a model that allows 3 different creations for the same pieces. Perfect for doing and redoing, practicing and getting your money’s worth! For ages 7 and older (we think that younger children can have fun with this model, at least, our 5 year old did!). When the steps are more complex, offer your help or give them simpler tasks such as finding the pieces or helping you place them. Nothing beats teamwork!

Related skills: Fine motor skills, logical reasoning, spacetime, creativity

2482354 | $34.95

Idea 6: Mosaikpuzzle

A great idea for children 5 years or older. The child creates an image with small pieces according to a guide drawing! 24 models to create in mosaics. 260 small pieces in total so be vigilant in the presence of younger children!

Related skills: Fine motor skills, observation, spacetime, creativity

2139632 | $15.55

Idea 7: 3D Colouring

The most creative and artistic will be delighted with this set of colour-by-numbers coming to life in 3D! 4 sets to create. Activity for children aged 7 and up.

Related skills: Fine motor skills, observation, spacetime

2066017 | $35.31

Idea 8: Inspiration Art Case

Major favourite! The case is in the living area of the house and everyone uses it at different times: when waking, before bedtime, during a relaxed period. We like the variety of pencils: wax, wood and 2 different felts, 140 in total. A simple way to awaken the artist in your child. The case can also be transported for a visit at a friend’s house or a little getaway.

Related skills: Fine motor skills, creativity

1311802 | $31.95

We suggest the Sketch pad as a complement, ideal for the budding artist! 100 sheets of quality paper pushing the creative momentum using wood, wax or felt crayons. We like the idea of the spiral notebook that allows for better movement while drawing and keeping the creations together.

Idea 9: Labyrinth Balls

Hours of fun and patience with these labyrinth balls! The challenge? Guide the ball through the 3D course while following the order indicated by the numbers. Challenge 1, try. Challenge 2, succeed. Then, a small, timed competition maybe? As long as you’re having fun!

Great idea during road trips, family gatherings or various waiting periods. Made for children ages 8 and up, but younger children could still have fun and still find it challenging. Game that requires delicacy, not to be confused with a ball.

Related skills: Fine motor skills, observation, spacetime, concentration

Starting at $25.95

In the hopes that these ideas will be good suggestions for various occasions! Are you hesitating between some of the products? Why not present the options to your children or discuss them with the Brault & Bouthillier team, experts in the field since 1944!

Enjoy discovering!

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