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Training Team

Certification of professional trainers

All of our trainers are accredited by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail under the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition.

You can join by email our training team members at indicating the name of the desired person or by phone at 514-273-9186

G. Bergeron

Guylaine Bergeron

Category Director

An educational games enthusiast

The professional life of Guylaine, who holds a bachelor’s degree in education, is focused on her two passions: education and educational games and material. She was a workshop facilitator before taking on the role of chief editor of Protégez-Vous magazine’s toy buyer’s guide, a position she held for 9 years. As such, she selected and analyzed family games and toys. As director of the games collection at B & B School Supplies since 1997, she is responsible for researching, testing and selecting educational products for the School and Early Years collections. She also plans and facilitates workshops and training sessions on educational materials for various educational professionals at the school and preschool levels as well as those working in remedial education and early childhood. Passion, passion, passion…

Marc-André Caron

Marc-André Caron

Instructor in charge of mathematics, science and robotics workshops

An educator hooked on technology and science

Marc-André, who holds a bachelor’s degree in education, has a real talent to distill complex information into simple terms for many subjects. Marc-André taught computer science and history for 8 years, while developing his passion for video production and social media. His Youtube videos of LEGO® stop-motion were viewed by more than 30 million people. He is also the founder of Ciné Brique, the first “brickfilms” festival in Canada and the biggest LEGO® creation exposition in Quebec. Marc-André was able to connect his two biggest passions, education and technology, when he discovered educational robotics. Since then, Marc-André explores the avenues of “hands on the keyboard” teaching and shares his passion with students and teachers in Canada.

S. Simard

Stéphane Simard

Educator in charge of the arts and crafts workshops

A creative type who sees an artist in each child!

Right after his studies in plastic arts, Stéphane experimented with a wide range of artistic endeavors: he designed stage elements for theatre, created illustrations for children’s books and comic strips, produced works as a member of an artist collective, performed at live painting events and took part in sandcastle competitions. His work as an illustrator has earned him an award. An educator at heart, Stéphane has facilitated art workshops for children in various cultural centres. He is the author of two books. Head of training in arts and crafts at B & B School Supplies since 1998, Stéphane helps research, test and select new products. A devoted creator, he continually explores new techniques that he then makes available to education professionals and the general public through a series of arts and crafts workshops he creates and facilitates for everyone to enjoy!

I. Patenaude

Isabelle Patenaude

Responsible for training, games and educational material

A diehard fan of the world of children

After her studies in early childhood education and in language and literature, Isabelle held a number of positions related to childhood, family and teaching. After working as an early childhood educator for 10 years and as head of a school daycare service, she was an editor of Protégez-Vous magazine’s toy buyer’s guide for 7 years where she compiled tests, analyzed toys and games, and wrote articles for the publication. Isabelle then taught early childhood education techniques and developed course materials in the same field. She has been a trainer at B & B School Supplies since 2010 where she plans and facilitates workshops and training sessions on teaching materials for educational professionals at school, preschool and early childhood levels, as well as for company employees.

Brigitte Carrier

Brigitte Carrier

Educational toys & games and special needs instructor

Determined that play fosters all-around development for all!

During her psychology studies, she was interested inchild play, and this interest has driven her whole professional life. She began her career as a daycare educator, then became an educational materials consultant and is now a writer and translator of toys & games and pedagogy material. In addition, she facilitates educational toys and games workshops for various education personnel. As the mother of an autistic child, she also gives conferences and workshops to educators involved with children with special needs and to their parents. Her hobbies and personal interests range from travel to gymnastics, logic games and volunteer work with her local autistic society… Surprised?

Derrick Zunker

Derrick Zunker

Creative arts instructor

A well-versed creator combined with an educator at heart!

Derrick Zunker has always been involved with all aspects of visual arts and is an excellent portrait-maker. He is also the son of a respected glass artist whose works have been shown throughout the years. Derrick was a teacher at York Region School Board for fifteen years. His visual arts specialization allowed him to teach to children from first to eighth grade. On a more personal note, he is the devoted father of three children. Woodworking, design, sculpture, playing with his two dogs, enjoying his cottage, Derrick has a wide range of interests. He now orients his career towards sharing his deep artistic knowledge with those who wish to learn.

Wendy Janes

Wendy Janes

Creative arts instructor

An artist who combines creation and pleasure!

Wendy has been teaching with the York Region District School Board for 30 years. Her greatest passions are creating and teaching art. As a former visual arts consultant, Wendy’s focus was to make teaching art fun and accessible for all teachers. Wendy has taught visual art to students from Kindergarten to grade 12 as well as university level courses. She has also written art curriculum at the Board and Provincial levels. In her spare time, Wendy paints watercolours and experiments with a variety of media including pastel, acrylic, water-soluble oils and collage techniques. She also loves to scrapbook and create hand-made cards.